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Super Premium Residential

Sold! By Remuera Register


Paritai Drive is arguably The most coveted street in the city of Auckland, and we have The property to match the address.

3/29 Paritai Drive is not a simple renovation, but in truth a complete re-design and re-build. Without doing anything complicated enough to require new build engineering, we worked with the structure and floor plan to create a residence truly worthy of it's ultra-desirable location. 

From modernised windows that fuse old world wood with the latest in thermal design, to a brand new roof, to the designed wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen, this property is truly exceptional. A open of a kind, on a one of a kind street, and standing alone as one of the only available properties on Paritai Drive

3_29 Paritai -013.jpg
3_29 Paritai -009.jpg
3_29 Paritai -018.jpg
3_29 Paritai -016.jpg
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