We have been investing and developing property in Auckland for a decade and a half, with a focus on The Southern Corridor and Papakura for the past ten years.  Our aggregate yield has been as high as 24% annually, simply because we only develop and invest in areas that have a relatively low cost of entry and provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Sticking to value prospects has provided us with security and longevity, and excellent yield for our backers. 


We are now further developing our commercial operation with the expansion of other opportunities in the Papakura area.

With the Stanley Building and Stanley Lofts,  we have created exceptional wealth and returns for our customers and partners.


83 South is an 1190 s/m commercial building currently being renovated, and has been leased to a long term entity that focuses on government backed programs for the betterment of lifestyles for people with disabilities. We are proud to have the new tenant in our community, and the value that is added not only to the Canopius portfolio, but that of the local community for which we have such close ties is a double win for Papakura.

Our current commercial portfolio has a value of approximately $7.5 million dollars, and earns over $400,000 annually and has seen and excellent capital gain, both through our value add, and beneficial changes to local cap rates. 

Canopius is currently looking at medium scale industrial and warehouse opportunities. We have very good relationships with medium to large scale private equity firms, allowing us to obtain bridge finance at short notice. Our aim is to bring equity partners into the business to better our ability to expand.

To invest with us, and to find out more about the advantage Canopius Developments provides, please call Kurt on +64210363263